truSculpt 3D: Diminish fat and improve your skin, no surgery necessary.

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Do You Have Stubborn Fat That Won’t Respond to Diet and Exercise?

If you want to slim down but aren’t seeing the effects you want from your fitness routine, you are likely feeling frustrated or discouraged. For many people, factors beyond their control like genetics, age or hormones cause stubborn pockets of fat to cling to certain areas of the body, preventing them from obtaining the body they want.

Common areas of concern include:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Under the chin

Everything You Need to Know About truSculpt 3D

If your stubborn body fat is holding you back, non-invasive fat-reducing procedures like truSculpt 3D might be just what you need to renew your confidence and motivation. With state-of-the-art technology, truSculpt 3D shrinks your fat cells and promotes improvements in skin structure. The completely non-invasive approach means you can achieve the body you want without any surgery or recovery time needed.

Cutting-Edge Technology

TruSculpt 3D uses patented radiofrequency energy to heat fat and skin cells safely and painlessly. The device offers your provider real-time temperature control to ensure you are comfortable throughout your session. The heightened temperature damages your cells, triggering natural body responses that drain excess fluids from areas of concentrated fat and promote the production of new skin structures like collagen and elastin.

Proven Results

Studies have shown that even after a single treatment with truSculpt 3D, you can see fat reduction of up to 24% as your results develop over the course of a few weeks. The treatment is gentle and repeatable so you can choose to have multiple sessions for maximum fat diminishment. Patients report that their treated areas of fat are noticeably smaller, and that skin concerns like cellulite are visibly improved.

Convenient Treatment Sessions

Each truSculpt 3D treatment lasts just 15 minutes. You can combine up to four treatments in a single session, so no matter what area you are treating, your appointment will last just an hour or less. Plus, the non-invasive approach means you can leave your treatment and resume all normal activities right away — no downtime necessary.

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Why you’ll love Trusculpt 3D

  • No surgery or recovery time necessary
  • Patented radiofrequency technology only available with truSculpt devices
  • Appropriate for large and small areas of the body
  • Visibly shrinks pockets of stubborn fat without relying on dieting or exercise
  • Relaxing, pain-free treatment sessions
  • Clinically proven to be safe and effective
  • And much more…

Is truSculpt 3D Right for You?

TruSculpt 3D is appropriate for a wide variety of patients with different body types and concerns. The handheld device offers two attachments — one large and one small — to address stubborn fat in areas from the buttocks to the chin with precision and comfort. Contact us to find out more about truSculpt 3D if you are struggling with unwanted body fat and are interested in sculpting your body with a safe, effective and convenient treatment.

Real Results

After delivering 2 children by C-section, I had excessive heaviness on my lower abdomen. I decided to try truSculpt because I was looking for a treatment that would address my concerns without downtime. The truSculpt 3D treatment was quick and easy to tolerate throughout the entire procedure. Now at 12 weeks, I see a noticeable difference in my abdomen.